Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween 2006- written by Scott

 "A Brave Dragon Slayer"
Once upon a time there was a very brave and fearless dragon slayer. This dragon slayer also happened to have a very cute smile. Of course he was happy, for he was about to embark on an exciting halloween journey.

 "The frightening Dragon"
Not too far away, lived a very dangerous and fear-provoking dragon. His appearance was quite menacing. Oh no!! He's about to eat another army man.

 "A thirsty Dragon"
This also happened to be a very thirsty dragon.

 "Slayer and his mighty sword"
The brave dragon slayer grasped a hold of his mighty sword, which had been forged in the fires of ... Big Lots or something.

 "a magical shield"
He also had a magical shield that he took with him.

 "the journey begins"
And so the dragon slayer began his long quest to face the dragon.

 "wolverine and the princess"
He crossed paths with many friends while on his journey, including Wolverine and a princess.

 "cowboy friend"
His friends, including this gun-slinging cowboy, provided company, helpful advice, and much needed rations.

 "the castle at last!"
At last he came to the castle where he was sure to find the terrifying dragon.

 "dragon and slayer meet"
Coming face to face with the dragon, he realized that the dragon could be a valuable companion in a much greater quest.

 "dragon and slayer team up"
The quest for Halloween candy. This is when his magical shield became quite handy in storing loads of candy.

 "treat or else"
The dragon and slayer, together, were very successful that night. Some even gave more candy than normal fearing the slayer might slice off their limbs.

"a happy family"
In the end the dragon and the dragon slayer crossed paths with a beautiful nurse and they all lived happily ever after. Together they had scored lots of candy. Candy that also pleased the nurse.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Matthew- written by Scott

Matthew Addison Johnson was born at 7:39am on Monday, January 16, 2006, weighing in at 7 lbs. even and measuring 19 1/2 inches. He gets his middle name from his Grandpa. Hopefully he will honor that name. He likes the warming bed they gave him and begins to peek out at his new friends and family. Welcome to the family, Matthew.

Just moments before Mommy is rolled in to the OR. Daddy is dressed and ready to go.

 Here is Matthew taking his very first breaths as they pull his head and then his body right out of Mommy's tummy. Quite cool... Don't pass out Daddy.

 Mommy is so brave and did such a good job. Daddy did a good job too and didn't even pass out. And the result is one cute little baby.

Wow, after all that Mommy and baby are wiped out. Better let them rest awhile.

Well after four long days, Mommy is finally ready to leave the hospital. I think she's going to miss all the helpful nurses and nice meals. Maybe Daddy will take care of her.

Matthew has his eyes open for his baby portrait. That's a pretty good smile too, well... for a newborn.

 Michael is excited to be a helpful big brother. He likes to hold the baby and give him his toys. I think he'll be an excellent brother and example for Matthew.

That Grammy sure looks happy. She must be watching "Dancing with the Stars" or maybe she's just a proud grandmother. It's a toss up.

Mommy worked hard to get Matthew's quilt done in time. He sure does look comfortable on his new rocket ship baby quilt. Mommy is so nice.

Matthew is all cozy and ready to go to sleep in his crib. I'm sure he'll be up soon.

What a big smile! Can you give Matthew that pacifier please?

Michael is such a good helper. He also likes to help bring over diapers, wipes, and baby clothes.