Thursday, June 23, 2011

Christmas Festivities

We always love Christmas time.  We always seem to have lots of family around.  On Scott's side of the family we always get to spend time with Grammy, and Kevin and Katie's family.  Derek and Angie drove down to spend Christmas with us as well.  On my side of the family, Jake and his family came to visit this Christmas too.  We were just overflowing in family.  The kids love to spend time with their cousins!
Michael and his new Hotwheels
Just one of the many princess dolls she got.
Lego creator sets are the best
Matthew got legos too!
A new leaper game!!!
A new Scooter!!!  I think she's excited
Guess who gets to ride along with Macey
Opening presents at Grammy's house
Cousin Cassidy got to visit too!
Grammy's Christmas Tree
All the Montross cousins at Papa and Grandma's house
Jake and his new giant dog
Montross girl cousins: Hannah, Macey and Nimol
Montross boy cousins:  Andrew, Sovann, Michael, Phearun and Matthew

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Michael joined the drama club at school this year.  The first play was "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"  Michael landed the big role of "present wrapping who".  I think he did an excellent job!
Ready to head off to the play.
Who Hair
Making a big entrance
His big scene

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Go Daddy Christmas Party

Scott switched jobs a while back, and now works for Go Daddy.  Turns out they really know how to party over there.  The Christmas party was crazy.  I couldn't believe how much money was spent on the event.... and then they started giving away money at the part.  We didn't get any though :(   We had a great night though.  I tried my hardest to eat at least one of everything offered.... and Scott tried not to laugh at me.  The carnival theme was fun, and we got to win stuffed animals for all the kids.   We had a great time!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

Have you ever seen cuter Wise Men???

hmmmm...... Hot wheels.

Can I have a Wii???

You think she really talked to Santa?

Michael's Buddy

Michael has been having a great time this year as a first grader.  For a class project each kid took turns taking home Buddy, and chronicling the things they did together.
On the way home from school... excited to spend the week together

Playing outside.... 

Swim team

Saturday shopping trip to Fry's

Piano Lessons

Young Women's

 Last Fall I was called to be the Young Women's President of our ward in Casa Grande.  I had worked with the Young women for a couple of years doing camp, then personal progress, and then as Mia Maid advisor.  I guess they thought I really needed to wade into this calling.  I really love the girls in our ward.... and have had a great time working with them.

State Fair

I thought I might go back and update all the stuff I've missed the last six months or so.... After reading through my old posts I realized how much I enjoy my own blog as a kind of journal of sorts.

Dawn and her kid came to visit for Halloween, and we spend one of the days together at the State Fair.... I think all the kids had a great time.  Scott however thought it would be a good idea to eat Chicken Fried Steak on a stick, and then follow it by a deep fried Reeces Bar.  I dont' think he was feeling to great after that.  We also drank about five cups of Lemonade.

Michael and Ben in the Fun House

All the cousins on the Bumper Cars

Matthew and Brynna flying.... Matthew is little :)

Daniel and Macey

Brave Michael on the HUGE slide