Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas Fun

We really had a good Christmas this year. It was especially crazy not being at home (due to our water damage) . But I always find it tricky to juggle time between families. For some reason it always ends up that Jake and his family visit on the year it's supposed to be the Johnson Christmas. But we always make it work. We got to spend Christmas day with Grammy, and the evening with the Montross family. We also spend lots of time with the Montross family playing, going to the zoo, riding the train at McCormick Park, and just hanging out. I think all the Montross (and Bueler too!) cousins all had a really good time together.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sara's Family - Macey

Macey sure has been a blessing to our family. She is happy and smiley all the time. She loves her brothers a lot.... even when they try to give her giant hugs, and steal her toys. She just smiles, and laughs at them. She is growing.... just not very fast :) We were able to bless her this past month... she looked beautiful in her pretty dress that her Grammy got for her. She's also starting to eat baby food... even though I'm not sure that she's too excited about it.

Macey and her Christmas Loot

Baby Macey

Getting Ready to Eat

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sara's Family - Matthew

Matthew seems to be growing up awfully fast too. It seems like he was just a baby, and now he's all grown up. I guess that's what happens when you have another baby. Matthew is big and strong and healthy. He is very brave, and is willing to try most anything.... unless it is something to eat. Then it's a whole other story. Matthew likes to jump on the trampoline, ride his Diego bike, and follow Michael around, and steal all his animals. We also just recently cut off all of his pretty golden curls. I know they are missed, but it was time for him to have a big boys hair cut. It really makes him look different. These are his "before" and "after" shots.

Sara's Family - Michael

Michael sure has grown a lot, He'll turn 4 this year. He's very cute and smart, and silly. He is a good big brother, and is always singing to Macey and Matthew. He loves to swim, and read. He also loves animals. His favorite movie right now is Evan Almighty. Matthew got a big pirate ship for Christmas, but I always find Michael playing with it, and it's filled with all his animals, and he's usually saying "Everyone..... Get on the Ark!!!"

Baby Michael

Michael at the Zoo
Michael and his Blankie