Monday, October 31, 2011

Fairytale Halloween 2011 - written by Scott

 "Happily ever after!"
This year's fairy tale theme is certainly brighter than last year and this year a couple of their Disney character friends will join them for their adventure. Once again, Sara cut, tailored, stitched, and sewed the kid's costumes together from scratch and she just gets better every year. The Rapunzel dress is quite amazing and Macey absolutely loved it. She even made Michael's tuxedo pants.

 "Pray for mercy"
This year our story begins with the cunning and unmasked Zorro.

 "Prepare for glory!"
And who is that? The brave king Arthur? No, he says you must call him King Matthew

"I have a dream"
 And of course every good story has a stunning princess tangled into it.

 "how you doin'?"
This year's journey for candy and goodies begins with a little cake walk. Have you ever seen anyone look so smooth doing it

 "but Mommy hates play-doh"
And the prize is not a cake, but... ah the royal Play-Doh. I sure hope they have pink.

 "Can't I have one more MeM?"
Look at those big, puppy dog eyes. Please sir, can I have some more?

 "keep it coming"
The trick-or-treating is now under way, and the king seems pleased with his crusade thus far.

 "lets get on with it already"
Zorro gives a quick smile, but these photo ops are really detracting from the work at hand.

Who knew that Tinkerbell and Rapunzel were such good friends?

 "That's how addiction starts, you know"
What is that king up to? Hey, who gave that lil' bear candy?

 "another successful trunk or treat"
Look even Grammy had a good time at the Halloween party.

"more amazing carvings"
And of course, this year's pumpkin artwork. Michael carved the one in the back