Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Semi Fun Day- written by Scott

"Hey, watch where you're driving"
 Glendale's Touch-A-Truck Day.
Trucks of all kinds were on display. Dump trucks, garbage trucks, fire engines, bulldozers, semis, and even the crowd pleasing Oscar Meyer weiner mobile. The kids had fun climbing in the trucks and honking the horns. I just wish I had known about the ear plugs before I left! And if you look carefully, you'll see I'm super sneaky.

"Fire truck"
 We started at the firetruck. A few blasts of the siren was enough for me.

 "Inside a weiner"
Then on to the popular weiner mobile. Those seats sure look comfy, but VIPs only.

"Outside the weiner mobile"
 Of course, no weiner ride lasts forever!

 The backhoe seemed to cheer everyone up. Nothing like big, power toys.

"Controlling the hoe"
Michael's pretty focused on the controls.

 Matthew smiles from the back of the giant bulldozer

 "Macey and the sky with Daddy"
Macey couldn't do much, so mostly we hung out together.
"Sitting high on the hog"
 But she still had fun where she could.

"Riding the short bus"
 Who would've guessed that even a city bus can be fun?

 "Catching some rays"
Macey and I found a nice place to relax and observe the action.

"Leap of faith"
 Michael contemplating a giant death-defying leap.

"Nice vest"
Even Sara had a good time, finding some air force sky boys to flirt with! :)

A Semi-Fun Day

I guess a little blog competition is good. It's motivated Scott to update our family web page a little more often than his usual once or twice a year. He's done it again. Check out our trip to Glendale's Touch a Truck event.