Friday, October 31, 2008

Meet the Justice League! Halloween 2008- written by Scott

 "Victory can be so sweet"
What a good looking bunch of super heroes! Or maybe a hungry bunch. Sometimes after a tough action-packed night, even super heroes need a treat. Sara did an awesome job on the costumes this year.

 "Do you like my action pose?"
Wonder Woman appears ready for some late night action.

The incredible hulk seems in good spirits tonight as he waves hi.

 "I fight for truth, justice, and American candy"
Superman also arrives in time to join our super hero team.

 "these boys are CRAZY"
The team is complete and we're ready to begin the action. Superman and the Hulk are really good friends.

 "Umm... a locomotive?  Sure I am!"
Superman started his day by visiting the local preschool. Ok, class any questions for Superman.

 "Yes, General.. I believe we can help"
The general knows how to convince the heroes to help.

 "Trick- or- Treat"
Hulk and Superman work well together to gather up plenty of treats.

Look at the silly hulk flexing his huge biceps. Very intimidating!

 "Why yes, I do like suckers"
Yes, I'll take that, and this, and one of those, and one of these.

 "One more M&M daddy, and I'll save you"
It only takes a few M&Ms to recruit Wonder Woman's protection.

"Boo! Scary tree" 
Whoa! Cool jack-o-lantern! I guess Grammy's cool too.

"Slurp! Crunch! Slurp!"
It's finally time to relax, enjoy a treat, and call it a night.