Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween 2005- written by Scott

Michael thinks Halloween is a very exciting holiday. You put on a costume and everyone gives you candy. Michael had a very good time and Sara and I hope you enjoy the pictures. Also, move the mouse over each picture to see what Michael was thinking at that moment (This could be based mainly on Dad's opinion).

Watch out for this scary dragon!! He is hungry for some candy.

It's never to early to start checking out the night's treasure.

You can see how much work Sara put into this costume from the back. Check out the beautiful tail, wings, and spikes.

This little boy looks happy and ready to go trick or treating with his friends.

Michael safely crosses the street with some help from Mommy. By the way, Mommy's looking awfully fat these days. ;)

What a patient little dragon, waiting for the door to open.

You'll notice Michael never carries his bucket. That's because he would just sit down and eat the candy. Here's an example of him stealing a lollipop and now he's off to the races.

Michael is very independent and didn't want to be carried or even hold anyone's hand.

Michael sure likes lollipops. Look at that big smile. He later dropped the one he's holding but once we got home, he sat in his chair and sucked on another lollipop until it was completely gone... and he, of course, ended up completely sticky.

Part of being an authentic dragon, is performing the dragon running assault. Here Michael is executing the manuever with extreme determination. Actually I'm not sure what he's doing.

Michael is now doing his triumphant strut, after successfully convincing the chief candy circulator that he was indeed cute enough for an additional portion

Michael had a good time trick or treating with his neighborhood friends. If you look closely he is actually holding the bucket in this picture.

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