Thursday, May 22, 2008


I guess I'll play too. I'm guessing that this is the blog version of those silly forward emails with a hundred questions in them. Luckily this game only has 4 questions.

3 Joys in my life: Chocolate, Scott, my kids

3 Fears: Drowning, Falling off a giant cliff (with out a rope), bugs

3 Goals: Finish my triathlon (with out looking like a total goof), plan some Enrichment activities that people will actually come to, don't eat my entire box of mother's day chocolates in one sitting

3 Obsessions:Training for my triathlon, doing these silly puzzles on my DS, trying to watch all the episodes of Top Chef that I've missed this season

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Alyssa said...

That's awesome that you're training for a triatholon! I wish we lived close by and I'd train with you--I've been wanting to do a triatholon for awhile now! Let me know how it goes.