Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is my last post for our California Vacation. I had a really great time at Disneyland. It's one of my favorite places to visit. There is something about the atmosphere there, that other parks can't match. Legoland has some rides that are similar, but Disneyland makes every part of being there special. Even when you're standing in line, there are things that make you feel part of the ride before you get on it. That's not the case for every ride.... but a lot of them are like that. I really enjoyed walking around and looking at everything, especially since it was close to Christmas, lots of things had a holiday twist to them. The big castle was all decked out, and so was the Small World ride. All covered in tons of Christmas lights. They had a giant Christmas tree, the parade had Santa Clause in it, and the Haunted Mansion had been made over with the Nightmare before Christmas decor.
My favorite rides were Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates, and Space Mountain. Michael says his favorite ride is Space Mountain too. I'm not sure if that's true or not.... it could be that he knows that we think it's cool that he liked that ride. I thought for sure he'd hate it. He complained about the Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain. I thought he'd be scared in the dark... but it turned out that was the advantage. He couldn't see what he was getting into. After the ride he told me... "That's it??? Just one part??? We didn't even go down!". R i g h t .... we didn't go down.... sure Michael. I'm just happy he had a good time. He even went on again with Scott (we love stroller passes!). Matthew loved the Matterhorn. He was pretty excited that there were two monsters on it. Poor Matthew was too short for some of the rides... while we were fighting/convincing/bribing Michael to go on the rides, Matthew was begging us to go, but couldn't. He missed out on Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain... which he threw a giant tantrum over. Poor guy.... maybe next year. Macey was just happy to get to ride anything. That's the one thing that Disneyland is good about. Babies can ride almost anything.... she even slept on a couple. I think that Scott feels that even on a slow day, Disneyland is far too crowded... but I think he had a good time too.
We had a great time on vacation. I feel like we wait, and wait, and plan so long for our trips, and then when we're on it they go so fast. I really tried to enjoy the time we were all getting to spend together. Time sure does fly by. Now it's time to start planning again.
Me and Michael on the Matterhorn, Matthew being eaten by a Jaguar

Jungle Boat Ride, It's a Small World Christmas Lights, Finding Nemo

Scott and Macey enjoying Small World, Autotopia (my kids are bad drivers!)


The Hall Family said...

Wow! Looks like it was a really fun and busy trip. I love going to Cali, the weather is usually great and I love the water.

Jennie said...

I am so ready to return to Disney!! I love being there :)