Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spookiest Halloween Yet- Halloween 2009 written by Scott

 "Thundercats Ho!... By the power of Grayskull!!!...???"
A ghastly skeleton, a swashbuckling skeleton pirate, and a frightening, wicked witch, make this the spookiest Halloween to date. Well, I guess the witch doesn't look so frightening here, but the skeleton is definitely ghastly. The effect is heightened by the great costumes that Sara has once again put together.

 "Let's go get some candy"
This little witch sure does look excited for her first real Halloween trick-or-treating.

"You should see this under a black light"
The skeleton gives a quick smile and he's ready to go.

 "How you doin'?"
That's one smooth looking pirate.

 "Melting, melting, ..."
Oh no! Our witch is melting in the twilight?

"Where'd I put my broom?"
Nope, she's just being silly

 "time for a short rest"
A special treat this year, trick-or-treating with their cousins

 "Man, I got so much candy"
Matthew's bag is filling up, but it never slowed him down.

 "I got another sucker, Daddy"
Macey is getting the hang of this trick-or-treat thing.

 "Can you hold my bag, Dad?"
Michael and Ben are old pros at this.

 "That's one tired witch!"
The trunk looks good for our traditional trunk-or-treat with Grammy

 "Michael! You're hand out of that bowl!"
Hey Grammy, give the pirate his candy back. That skeleton looks mischevious and what is our witch up to now?

 "Yo, ho, ho!"
Let's take a closer look at that pumpkin. Awesome!

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