Sunday, July 3, 2011

Big Changes

After a very very long time on the waiting list I finally got into Nursing School.  I"m attending the Glendale campus for the weekend program.  I only attend class on Friday and Saturday.  I started in January, and finished my first Block in June.  I'm currently on my Summer break... and will start again in a couple of weeks.  School makes life a little more complicated, and a lot more interesting.  I'm really enjoying this opportunity to go back to school.  I loved college the first time, and I am loving it the second time.  I'm also very lucky to be blessed by a super supportive and helpful husband who has been spending a lot more time with the kids lately.  And some great kids who have been handling the new schedule like champs.


Jennie said...

Congratulations Sara!!! Way to go :)

Amber said...

Fun good luck!