Sunday, March 30, 2008


I thought these pictures of the kids swinging in the backyard were cute. This was Macey's first time swinging for real (not just sitting in there while the boys swing), and she had a lot of fun. She has a really cute laugh. We like to play in the yard a lot. The boys jump on the trampoline, swing, and Matthew likes to throw rocks in the pool. But it will be swimming season soon enough, and then they will get swim, instead of wishing that they were swimming. Actually, both of them fell into the pool this winter. But I was right there both times to pull them out. Matthew's experience was worse, because it was really cold the day he fell in. He was trying to help me rake up some leaves, and wasn't watching where he was stepping. Michael was riding Matthew's Diego bike around the pool when he fell in. Michael did a good job of not freaking out... but he's my good little swimmer. But summer is just around the corner. :)

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Katie said...

Do they love getting "under dog" pushes? They're a big request at our house! Cute kids- good thing they know how to swim too!