Sunday, March 30, 2008

Matthew's Second Birthday!

So, Matthew turned two this year. He's getting to be a pretty big boy. I made him the Diego cake, because Diego is his favorite show. I let each boy pick a movie
or show that they want to watch each day, and Michael's changes from day to day (usually), but Matthew picks Diego every time. Both Matthew and Michael were pretty excited about the cake. Michael loves animals, so he liked all the animals on the cake.

Our family is lucky enough to have two Grandmothers who love all our kids very much. Here, Grandma is pretty excited about Matthew's birthday... maybe even more than Matthew is. But she gave him his favorite present of the year, a Diego dinner set. It came with a plate, bowl, a cup, and a fork and spoon set. He always wants to eat/drink from his Diego stuff.... even if it's dirty. I get lots of "why mom" when I tell him he can't use it. Matthew is a special boy. He loves riding his (you guessed right!) Diego big wheel bike, jumping on the trampoline (and his bed), playing with Michael, making Macey laugh, and reading books.

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Katie said...

Sara, you're an amazing cake decorator! Matthew was a lucky birthday boy!