Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Macey turns ONE!!!

Macey had her first birthday last week. I can't believe that she's really a year old. She still seems so tiny compared to how the boys were at this age. She sure is fun though... Macey loves to smile, and play with her brothers. She'll always crawl to find them when they leave the room. She also loves to swim. Macey is a really good eater. She will eat what ever I put on her plate... fruits, veggies, and even casseroles or omelets. Macey is really good at crawling... Scott says she's much better than either of the boys were. And now she really enjoys standing up and walking along any furniture she can find. She says "Ma", and "uhuh" (the same way that Matthew says it). We're really happy that we have our Macey.

Here's the birthday girl patiently waiting to eat her cake... you can't see... but she's smiling at her Daddy.

Everyone really enjoyed the cake

especially Macey!

I guess all the partying really wore her out... good night Macey... Happy Birthday!


Alyssa said...

Ahhh, cute! Happy Birthday Macey! She sure looks like a Johnson :)

Karen aka Zookeeper said...

Macey is so cute! I can't believe she's already ONE!!! Maybe one day she'll be running a triathalon with you...hmmm :)

Emily Ruth said...

She's adorable! I didn't realize our little ones were so close in age: ) Happy Birthday Macey!

The Hall Family said...

Hi sara. Hope you don't mind but I found your blog thru karen's. I can't believe little Macey is 1 already. She is so cute.

Erin Nicole said...

Congrats! I love that name.. my niece is Macie.. :) I was bummed I missed the get together.. but I really want to see you! I am moving to Gilbert in a few weeks, but I want to have a huge play date party with old RM friends..

So glad to hear from you!

The Carpenter Family said...

How cute!! What a fun day!

Unknown said...

Hey guys. Happy birthday to your 1 year old. Hope things are still going well in CG. We need to drop in one day on our way up to PHX.

Mike H.