Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swimming at Grammy's

We got to stay with Grammy for a whole week while Scott was doing a training in Phoenix. We had a really good time playing with Grammy, going to the Library, shopping, and of course doing lots and lots of swimming.

Both the boys have really come a long way this Summer with their swimming. Michael is swimming all over the pool, and Matthew is enjoying him self now, and he thinks he can swim as good a Michael..... But this Summer they both have enjoyed jumping off the diving board with out any coaxing from Mom or Dad. Macey also really loves swimming. When she first started swimming this Summer she would laugh the whole time she was in the pool... because swimming is really funny. Now she just has a good time watching the boys, and floating around in her lounger.

If you own a pool, then you must get some torpedoes. They are hands down the best pool toys you can own. Scott and I really like to play this game where we try and hit each other with the torpedoes. It can be especially difficult to get Scott. He's an excellent swimmer, and really fast... so trying to get him is quite a challenge. But well worth the effort if I can hit him right in his goggles.


Alyssa said...

That's funny! What a cute little school of fish you have :)

The Carpenter Family said...

How fun!! Macey is so darn cute!! Love all the new pictures!!

Amber said...

I think I am definitely going to need an action shot--maybe a video posting of these in action. just kidding-but they look fun :-)